I have registered but can't login. Why?

Check your e-mail indicated at registration and follow the activation link from the letter from our website. If you didn't find the letter in the Inbox, check your Spam folder.

After activation you will be able to login.

Note: Your complete profile will appear on the website only after payment for your registration and further approval of site admin. Approval of profiles is being made within 24 hours after payment.

How can I add a photo to my profile?

Only profiles with photos are accepted for publication on the website. You can add/edit photos when you're completing the registration form or edit existing profiles in your Account in "My preferences". You add photos in "Upload photos" block. Press "Add" button, select photo on your computer and click "Upload". Picture will be added and displayed here.

Warning: to complete the download photos process, ALWAYS click "Save photos" at the bottom of the page and go through the procedure of cropping photos. Only after that the picture will be saved and admin can consider it for publication within 24 hours.

How can I get the status verified for my profile?

To do this, you need to login (using your login and password), select the menu item "Verify photos", on this page you have to download the photos. For verify photos you need to provide an ID copy and 2-3 casual (non-studio, no Photoshop) photos of yourself. These photos will not be published anywhere and are only for verification by website administration. If the photos meet all the requirements, your profile will get the status Verified within 24 hours.

How can I buy a Premium status to my profile for appearing on main page as well as on the other pages in VIP zone?

You need to login and chose the Advertise section. Than click the link opposite the number of days for which you want to see your profile in VIP area. Next, you'll be redirected to processing "Robokassa" with a choice of payment options. Please follow the instructions for payment.

As well, You can pay for the premium days by the instructions from the letter that comes after you register on our website.

Done payment will be processed by admin within 24 hours.

What is selfie?

Selfie is a kind of self-portrait, which is being made by photographing himself on phone camera.

You can register for free in the selfie-category and get a 50% discount for Advertising in VIP area. Details can be found here ( https://escortzone-ru.com/en/selfie-about )

How to get a discount on advertising in VIP area?

To do this, you need to register as "selfie" and follow the instructions - (and here again the link to the FAQ - https://escortzone-ru.com/en/selfie-about )

How to register for free?

For free registration, your profile should be classified as "selfie" with photos, according the rules - https://escortzone-ru.com/en/selfie-about

My current account on the site blocked. Why it may be blocked how to unlock it?

If the account violates the rules of the site (links to other sites, the use of other people's photos), it will be blocked by the administrator. To unlock you have to eliminate the causes and contact the administrator and tell what kind of actions have been taken by you, along with your username and the name in the profile.

I want to add a client/girl to the black list on the website - how can I do it?

To do this you need to login and select the menu on the right - "Clients Blacklist" or "Escorts Blacklist", depending on what you want. Next, you need to fill out a form and send it. Administrator will review your application and make a decision within 24 hours.

How can I specify the tour in your my profile?

To specify a tour in your profile, you'll need to login, click the menu section "Account" and add tour in "City tours", specifying the city and the date of tour. On the same date, you can specify only one tour. If you have multiple tours, the dates should not be crossed. After adding the tour, your profile begins to display on the Tours section of relevant city in which you specified your tour.


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